Specchio Rotto

It stinks in here!  The freaking sink is dripping, and the toilet won't stop running.  The both of them are getting on her nerves!  She can't believe she's here.  Her eyes are burning, and she can tell her nose has been bleeding.  Her head is throbbing.  She always sees herself in the mirror, but never [...]


Mr. Bushwick

Mr. Bushwick is such a mean man.  Yeah, he's not very nice  at all, except for when the pretty women come around.  He's nice  when they go to his door.  But Jonah never sees them leave to see if they're still happy when they go.  He tried to tell the old man how pretty the [...]

Sweet Nerdish Revenge by: Mistress Munxroe

Broman, brodie, dude! "They think they fooling everybody, but they're not fooling me;" Alexandria watched as Chase and Zach fooled around in the courtyard of Granger High School. It was after school and no-one was around now that classes had been released. Everyone was pretty much at home, in detention, or in their extra curricular [...]

A Vampire To Die For

Want to talk paranormal and mystic beings?  Well I'm your gal!  I love me some vampires and werewolves!  I'm obsessed with dragons.  But I'm into empaths and some demons.  But today I'm going to share with you the vampire I love the most!  His name is Nicklaus Mikaelson, and he's a character from the hit [...]

Furious No More Part I

  "Is it a drag having so many brothers?", they ask.  Harmonia looks around the table at her friends, and then looks over at the table where her twin brothers are.  They're also hanging out with friends here at a popular Happy Hour venue called The Breeze.  She looks back at them and replies, "nope, [...]